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How does PPT2HTML handle links and other PowerPoint features?

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How does PPT2HTML work?

PPT2HTML is all about choice -- YOUR choice

It gives you total control over the web pages you make from your PowerPoint presentations.

Template files let you control every aspect of the HTML PPT2HTML creates. You can use one of our sample templates as-is, you can edit them, or you can create your own templates from scratch using any HTML-editing software you like. PPT2HTML template files are simply regular HTML files with special "placeholders" that tell it where to insert information and images about each slide in your presentation.

When you use PPT2THML to create HTML from PowerPoint, here's what happens:

Placeholders look like this: :Slide.Image:

To learn about placeholders in detail, see the PPT2HTML Placeholder Reference or try the suggestions on Which placeholder does what? Show me! to get a working example of each placeholder.

PPT2HTML replaces each placeholder with the appropriate image name, URL, link or other text when it makes the HTML for each slide. In effect, placeholders are like the "merge fields" you may have used in your word processor.

For example, each time PPT2HTML finds :Slide.Image: in the template, it replaces it with the name of the image it has exported for that particular slide, so when you view the HTML file, you see your slide image.

That, in a nutshell, is all there is to it.

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