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How does PPT2HTML work?

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Try the free PPT2HTML demo

Free PPT2HTML demo

You can try out a fully functional version of PPT2HTML before you decide to purchase it. Visit our Download page to get your free PPT2HTML demo.

The PPT2HTML demo works exactly like the regular version, but it puts a "DEMO" stamp on each image it creates and adds "Demo" to any text it extracts.

If you've already tried PPT2HTML and know it's right for you, you can purchase it here.

Set it up

Before you use PPT2HTML, you'll want to customize it to suit your needs. You do this using its Preferences dialog box. To access PPT2HTML preferences, open a PowerPoint presenation you'd like to convert to HTML then click the Preferences icon on the PPT2HTML toolbar. It looks like this:

Or from the main menu, choose PPTools, PPT2HTML, Preferences. Either way, you'll see this dialog box:

There's detailed information about each option in the PPT2HTML Setup section of the User Manual, but for now, here's how you can give PPT2HTML a trial run:

Click OK and when PPT2HTML offers to convert your presentation to HTML, let it.

It will show you a summary of the options you've chosen and when you accept them, it'll convert your presentation. It shows you each slide while converting it so you can judge progress.

When conversion is complete, PPT2HTML will open the converted HTML in your browser for you.

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