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Special commands

The intent of Prep4PDF is to produce a PDF file that mimics as closely as possible the behavior of the PowerPoint file you created the PDF from.

But Prep4PDF also gives you a way to invoke menu commands in Acrobat or Reader. This lets you give your PDF users capabilities that have no direct equivalent in PowerPoint.

To do this, you'll use PowerPoint's Action Setting feature to assign a special action setting to any shape.

In the Action Settings dialog, assign an Action Setting of Run Program and for the program name, type

PDFMenu /command

In place of /command, type one of the commands below. It's important to spell and capitalize the command exactly as shown, or it won't work.

Many of these commands refer to older versions of Acrobat (formerly known as Exchange). Some of the commands work only in Acrobat but not Reader. Some don't work at all. For now, we're including all that are documented in Thomas Merz' excellent Web Publishing with Acrobat/PDF. We'll add further details as we test them further.

Meanwhile you can try them yourself in your own version of Acrobat or Reader. In the folder where you installed Prep4PDF, you'll find PDFMenu_Results.PDF, which includes a slide with a rectangle set to invoke each of the commands below.

File commands

None of the Save commands work in Reader.


Import/Export commands

None of these work in Reader.


Document Info commands


Preferences commands

/AcroSearch:Preferences (Windows) or /AcroSearch:Prefs (Mac)

Edit commands

Touch-up commands don't work in Reader


Fields commands

None of these commands work in Reader


Document commands

None of these commands work in Reader


View commands



Note, Link, Thread, Touchup, AcroForm and CreateNotesFile commands don't work in Reader
These commands activate various tools for the user to work with.


Search Features




Help Features

These commands may not work at all. Test ...


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